Residence by Marriage

Residence Status

Residence Status may be granted to spouses of citizens who wish to reside in St. Kitts and Nevis with their spouse, and to pursue employment. Once approved, the applicant MUST renew their Residence by Marriage status annually, until such date as Citizenship by Marriage is applied for and granted.

An applicant will not be allowed to remain in the Federation during the period of the application, especially in cases where there is evidence to suggest that:

The applicant entered the Federation as a visitor and got married to a citizen upon expiration of time

The application was issued a Deportation Order or otherwise instructed to leave the Federation by the relevant authorities prior to the marriage;

The marriage is one of convenience; and or

The applicant has a criminal history or may be considered a threat to national security


Who is eligible for residence status? 

Any spouse of a citizen who resides on island but has not yet received Citizen by Marriage.


Documents Required

(All documents MUST be submitted in original or certified copy format)

First time application:


Birth Certificate


Three (3) passport sized photographs

Marriage Certificate and Divorce Decree (if applicable)

Application Form

Police certificate from usual country of residence ( for up to six (6) months prior to application date)


Birth Certificate

Picture I.D

Duration: One month



Letter requesting renewal of status

Old letter of approval

Three (3) passport sized photographs

Duration: Two weeks

Application MUST be accompanied by spouse



EC$500.00 (Applied to each application for Residence)


N.B.: Documents that are NOT in English MUST be translated and certified.

         : The Ministry reserves the right to DENY any application.