Her Majesty Prison Units

Gate lodge

This area of the prison is actually the main gate of the prison that handles all businesses in and out of the prison.

The gate lodge is one of the most important areas of the prison which often needs most attention.

Roles of gate lodge:

  • Operating the main gate
  • Send and receive calls to and from the prison
  • Control visiting of inmates
  • Control the acceptance of any legal properties of inmates
  • Access persons who are entering prison to do time

Human resources and accounting

This area deals with the documentation of files from both inmates and officers.

Role of human resource in prison:

  • Keep proper accounting of inmates’ properties including money
  • Control all finances of prison

Processing and Information unit

This area of the prison deals with all records of inmates and court dates.


  • Scan record sheets and warrant of inmates
  • Take photo and finger print of inmates


This area of the prison is managed by a highly professional guidance counsellor that handles all personal problems and queries of both inmates and officers both with in the prison and outside of the prison.

The Councillor’s role is a form of rehabilitation for inmates. Where she would talk to them concerning their personal lives and even accommodate visits with the individual’s families and children.

Kitchen staff

The kitchen is managed by a principle officer who oversee the daily running of the kitchen and responsible for stock taking.

The role of the kitchen staff is to ensure inmates are well fed with three square meals per day.

Our kitchen staff consist of about 10 trained cooks who are young and dedicated to their jobs.

P.E.R.T – Prison Emergency Response Team

This unit is a team that is put in place to answer to any major emergency with in the prison. The pert team is stationed with in the prison 24/7. The team consist of some of the most valuable and gifted officers who are highly trained for weapons and combat.

Role of P.E.R.T

  • Escorting of high risk inmates to and from the prison
  • Searching of prison compound and prisoners
  • Riot and escape response